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Creating documents with R

৳ 8400

This workshop aims to provide hands-on skills on how to create a class note, articles, thesis, presentation slides using R. No prior knowledge of R is required to participate in this workshop. This is a paid, 1 day workshop.

At 9:00 am

Practice statistics with excel and R


In last several years statisticians appeared in the list of sexiest or hottest or top-salaried jobs around the globe with various titles such as Statistician, Data Scientist, Machine learning engineer, Data miner, Artificial intelligence specialist, Disease modeller etc. Its time to be skilled with statistics and statistical computing. The “binary data lab” is the place […]

Seminar Room, Jahir Rayhan Auditorium Jahangirnagr University Savar-1342, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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House 11 Road 9, 3/F, Muhammadia Housing Society,   Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh