binary data lab arranges training programs on a regular basis. These programs focus on analyzing health data using widely used statistical packages, including R, SPSS, and STATA. A group of skillful people facilitates these training sessions. The entire training sessions are under closed surveillance by our national and international advisors, who provide constructive suggestions and […]



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Effect of climate factors on COVID-19 pandemic

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen of COVID-19 disease, caused an unprecedented number of infections and deaths worldwide, starting from late December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Different ecological, climate, and/or behavioral factors can affect the interactions and transmission patterns between host and pathogen. Notably, many respiratory infections are influenced mainly by regional climate conditions and […]

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Revisiting wasting in Bangladesh

We wonder that the factors associated with wasting have changed over time however the wasting itself does not. We hypothesis that though the overall change in the WHZ-score is not significant there exist some groups in society behave differently in terms of changing their nutritional status. These need to be explored if there is no […]

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